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Shutting down my Git server

I've been hosting a public Gitea instance for a few years now for personal projects. For now, I've decided to shut it down and move my public projects to Github.

I'm turning it down because I don't feel the maintenance is worth my time. I set up a public Git …

Using plus in regex with sed

I was trying to remove trailing whitespace from some files with sed:

sed -i 's/[[:space:]]+$//g'

But this left the file unmodified! For some reason, the pattern wasn't matching. I took a look at the man page and noticed the -E flag:

use extended regular expressions in …

Debian: Installing docker broke my bridge interface!

These are partly notes for myself, but I'll publish it in case it helps someone.

After installing Docker, I could no longer reach my VMs from outside the VM host (where I also wanted to run Docker).

My network configuration looks something like this:


Read-only root filesystem on a Debian Buster system

First, a little background

I was hoping to set up a read-only SD card with a ram-based filesystem on a Raspberry Pi. They're kind of notorious for becoming unbootable, and understandably so, after the power's been pulled a few times. I decided to play around on a Debian 10 VM …